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We've had a blast during the last sixty years and we hope you have to! Contribute your photo to our 60th Anniversary Gallery by emailing it along with a caption and date to We'll post them here as we recieve them!
Funspot's twenty-one acres on U.S. Route 3 prior to clearing for the mini-golf in the spring of 1964.
Mayor Hugh Bownes cuts the ribbon, opening Funspot's Mini-Golf on August 1, 1964.
Opening day, August 1st, 1964, owner Bob Lawton with Laconia mayor Hugh Bownes with original Funspot building in background.
One of the original ornaments on our "Landmarks of NH" Mini-Golf, the Mount Washington, which takes passengers on Lake Winnipesaukee during the summer.
John Lawton (left) and brother Bob, on the mini-golf in 2003.
Beautiful nighttime photo of Funspot's Mini-Golf take shortly after in grand opening in August 1964.
Entrance to Funspot's Mini-Golf and walkway to Storybook Forest, our children's park. Photo circa 1980.
Graduates of the 1991 NHTC Laconia Campus Graphic Arts Dept. celebrated their 10 year reunion at Funspot. It's hard to say who had more fun, the kids or the adults!
My First trip to Funspot in 2009.
It was awesome.  I got to meet Walter Day.  I also won a machine from Gary Vincent. Great times!
- Brent Dolan
This pic is from the year 2000 classic gaming event.

Stan Loo, Jon Dworkin and I had driven up and for the first time we were not the only gamers from New York City in attendance.

Me and Zoo Keeper, November, 2008. I come to play it at Funspot every year!
- Stephen Wagner
Darren Harris (Staten Island) and Zack Hample (Manhattan) arrived for the very first time. In addition to meeting some new, local friends in the hobby, this was Darren's re-introduction to the gaming world and in his very first gameplay attempt he set a 2nd highest score in the world on "Ms Pacman" while playing side by side with Chris Ayra. And Zack, in his first trip he set a new world record on "Breakout".
I've known each player for 11+ years now and I have the annual Funspot classic arcade gaming event to thank for it.

- Robert T Mruczek, Brooklyn, NY
Candlepin times!  Notice the ball hovering in mid air? February 2005.

Having a great time with some friends shooting pool in the tavern, Winter 2005.
- Scott G. Spurlock, Sr
Funspot has been a vacation destination for me since 2005. Every year there is always something new I find out about its illustrious history. Last year I found out more about the quaint Gingerbread man head that sits downstairs in the restaurant... and as the picture shows, amusement for everyone at the table that day soon followed. :)

- Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
Great time!  We drove all the way up from Jersey just to visit!  Most of those games we remember playing as kids, and haven't seen or heard of in probably 20+ years!  Great job on keeping them all running, and thanks for a great time! June 9, 2012
- Scott Jones
My Boyfriend Paul and I vacation at FunSpot once or twice a year. Best place ever. Here he is in September of 2011 just beating Out Run!!!
- Chrissy Ganem
I go to Funspot every year. The tournaments are great and I always have a great time. I've met so many wonderful people from the staff to people who just love to play games. Thanks Mr. Lawton!

-Christine Cook

Photo 1: L-R: Walter Day, Sean Cram, Greg Bond, Eric Howard, Christine Cook

Photos 2 & 3: The annual International Classic Video Game Tournament in full swing!
  Photo 4: Joke prize for the tournament raffle -- signed dollar menu card from Mark Alpiger.
This was taken with me and Bob on my second trip to funspot! Going again next week!

- Shawn Gouralnik
My daughter enjoying the newly re-done Sea Skate - September 5, 2011.
- Derek Ferreira
June 1, 2012. The 14th Annual Classic Arcade Tournament. This is the moment I knew for sure this was the girl I'm going to marry.

- Brian Diamonti
Photo Left: The Gang playing some intense air-hockey. Jamie, Ken, Steve, Joey, Ben, Mike. With Brad handling the photography.

Photo Right: Jamie doing what he does best. Dominating us in bowling. Miss you buddy!

We'll always have memories of that particular trip to Funspot. April 2010.

- Ken Rocray Jr
My husband, Doug, and our son, Austin, on our last trip to Funspot. We had so much fun we will be returning in July. My son cant wait!
- April Lyman
Kid at heart! Been coming to funspot since I was a baby! Saw the sea skate restored on american restoration! July 23rd 2012.
- April / Funspot Fan
Cousins! July 23rd 2012.
- April / Funspot Fan
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Me and my best friend, Randy Hamilton, have been best buds since the 3rd grade. There was a local arcade a block from where we lived and we were there almost constantly! As a bucket list trip, we saved up for a year to go to Funspot for 3 days and we had a blast!  We came all the way from West Monroe, LA just to come to Funspot!  We were fortunate enough to meet Bob and he even sat down with us and talked with us as well as posed for a few pictures! That was the icing on the cake!  One day we hope to be able to come back to Funspot!  We felt like we’d stepped back in time and we were kids again!  Thanks, Funspot for taking us back to our youth and letting us be kids again!
- Mark Rogers
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